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Calculus Consulting committed the company to providing modern and innovative professional solutions to the world. We repute to push the boundaries where design meets implementation. We aim to exceed expectations through innovative solutions for infrastructure building and digital development.


Calculus Innovation Hub

The innovation footprint today is bigger than ever. The way we approach education, business and social interaction is more developed than ever and self-evolving. Without the ability to develop with the times, businesses will be left behind. It is our responsibility to keep pushing the innovative boundaries of business and social development.

Calculus Consulting have therefore established the hub to specifically design, build and implement innovative solutions across a range of different industries. Through technology we can develop successful and sustainable communities.

All great things begin as a thought. If it can be thought, it can be designed and implemented.

We strive passionately to see those thoughts to become a successful reality.

If you have a great idea, vision, or dream for a start-up, we will get you there with client specific business development to ensure consistent and scalable growth. Backed with a professional team of project managers, you will soon be implementing for success.

Let us plant the seeds to ensure your business has successful harvests.

Project Development

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Design Management

This is where we will bring ideas to life. We offer complete management of the design process, offering a step-by-step guide to our clients. We facilitate the process from the appointment of the appropriate Architect and Specialist Engineering Consultants. With turn-key management of the process, complete coordination of activities and deliverables are guaranteed.

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Tender Management

So your ideas have come to life on paper, but what would it cost? This is the part of the process where our in-house Quantity Surveyors will measure and package your designs for tendering.

Sleep like a baby, knowing that the full tender process is managed and comparatively used to find the perfect Main Contractor and Professionals to meet client specific requirements.

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Construction Management

Bringing it to life. The designs have been concluded, the price has been fixed and we are ready for implementation. We offer full turn-key construction management solutions aimed at ensuring compliance through three pillars:

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Client Representation

We are there to ensure you get what you want and pay for. We coordinate all matters involved acting in the interest of our clients, guiding approval in the most efficient and economical fashion.

    Services Include:

  • Project Management
  • Property Management
  • Design
  • Modelling
  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Analysis and Estimation
  • Procurement
  • Claims Managment
  • Troubleshooting
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Client Satisfaction Gauranteed.

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Digital Development

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Web Development

The internet is the modern language of business today. If your business is not online, it simply does not exist. By integrating web design and web development we bring to live some of the most interactive platforms that exceed client expectations.

We offer full turnkey solutions from web designs, web publishing, programming, and database management. We integrate this with consistent adjustments to SEO to increase your popularity in google search rankings.

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Mobile App Development

The mobile application market is growing incredibly fast. App development is huge and will continue to grow with no end in sight. Grow with the trend today and get your own Mobile Application designed, developed, published, and maintained for your business.

Mobile apps will give your business the means to scale and will be at customer finger-tips, by simply downloading the app from the play store.

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Software Development

Software is designed for a range of different purpose, but most commonly, designed to the specific needs of clients/businesses. This process includes research, new development, prototyping, modification, re-engineering, maintenance, or any activities that result in the development and sustainability of software products.

We design and develop specialized software for all type of businesses and have embedded a methodical approach to quality control and client satisfaction. Regardless of the size, type, and location of your business, we are here to create optimum efficiency.

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